5 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

The Midwest heat is starting to cool, which means sweater weather is on the horizon, but don’t go boxing up your summer clothes just yet. Give them a new life this season by moving them to your fall collection. Simply follow these 5 tips, and take advantage of your warm weather wardrobe all year round.

  1. Style Tank Tops over Long Sleeve Shirts

Just because the weather is cooling off doesn’t mean you have to ditch your spaghetti straps altogether. Pull out your favorite turtleneck or long sleeve shirt and layer them underneath. It will give you a cool, put-together look, without much hassle. 

2. Wear Tights under Skirts and Dresses

Tights may give you flashbacks to Sunday church, but there is a reason their style has endured. When paired with the right outfit, tights can look cute and keep you warm.

3. Throw Sweaters over Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are an easy summer outfit to throw on when you’re in a pinch, but their effortless style isn’t exclusively reserved for the heat. Pair them under loose fitting sweaters for a casual, relaxed look this fall. 

4. Layer Cardigans over T-Shirts

Our favorite t-shirts are a part of us, so why not wear them all year round? Layer a cardigan or jacket over your favorite t-shirt for a comfortable, cute look this season. 

5. Make Dresses into Tops

If you’re sad to say goodbye to your summer dresses, give them a new life by turning them into tops. You can scrunch, bunch, tie, or tuck them; whatever it takes to keep your summer dresses alive during the cold. 

If you have any tips about transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall, be sure to leave them in the comments below! Also, if you liked the pictures in this week’s blog post, be sure to check back next week for presets I’m loving this fall.

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