Which Superstition Are You?

image courtesy of unsplash.com An underrated hallmark of the Halloween season is superstitions. We’ve all heard of trick-or-treating, scary movies, and haunted houses, but what about sidewalk cracks, black crows, and itchy palms? Today, we are here to shed light on those overlooked mysteries by figuring out which superstition we represent. As you answer the … Continue reading Which Superstition Are You?

Three Ways to Dispose of Your Pumpkins

Picking out the perfect Halloween pumpkin and carving it may seem like your favorite part of fall. Until the snow comes, your pumpkin rots and you have no clue what to do with it. This week, I'm sharing three (easy and legal) ways for you to dispose of your pumpkins. Compost Them Since pumpkins qualify … Continue reading Three Ways to Dispose of Your Pumpkins

Fall Drinks You Need This Season

image courtesy of unsplash.com If you're anything like me, water gets too boring. Throughout the day, you want something to (pumpkin) spice up the flavor and start hunting for a fall flavored drink. This week, I've tracked down the best seasonal drinks in three categories: coffee, cocktails and smoothies. Whatever your preferred beverage is, come … Continue reading Fall Drinks You Need This Season

‘That’s Fall She Wrote’ Lightroom Preset

Original Photo: Left, Preset Edited Photo: Right Transitioning your Instagram feed from summer to fall can seem like a daunting task, arising more questions than answers. To ease the headache of editing, I have created a fall themed preset to give your photos a cohesive autumnal look. In this week’s post, I’ll walk you through … Continue reading ‘That’s Fall She Wrote’ Lightroom Preset